Monday, 4 February 2008

Adrian Flux Rides Again!

When you get good service, you will stick with the people you know, so I have just got bike insurance with Adrian Flux - having insured my Ford Prefect with them before-

I am buying a Kawasaki GT550.

Thanks guys.

Friday, 28 December 2007

Sealey Welders - got my money but lost my good will

15th December

Sealey have my money, but have lost my good will
Usually I find myself singing the praises of my suppliers or contacts; this game brings out the best in people and it is always great to get online and give them a plug. But today I am furious with Sealey's, the power tool people.You will remember that Bennetts told me they would take my welder away and send it up to Sealey, free of charge, to get me a free, no obligation quote for a repair. After a week of hearing nothing, Bennetts rang them for me and found that they hadn't done a thing with it, so they pressed Sealey to have a look at it and get back to them with a quote. A further week later I heard that Sealey had gone ahead and done the repair and wanted £64 for it.Bennetts confirmed that they had sought a quote, but told me that sometimes it had been Sealey's policy to go ahead if the repair was going to be under £50. I said that £64 was well over £50 and anyway, I had specifically asked for a quote, not a repair, but that if that had been their policy, ok, I'd reluctantly pay £50, as a compromise solution. But they weren't having it. Despite clearly being completely in the wrong, there was no apology; they effectively just shrugged and dug their heels in.You expect this sort of thing with garages, but you do not expect it with power tools and certainly not from an outfit with as big a name as Sealey. Well, they have got my money, but they have lost my good will.

17th December
1. Sealey's are on the case
Just had an email from a chap from Sealey's asking for more info and implying that Bennett's had misinformed me about their repair/quote policy and that I possibly ought to hold them responsible, not Sealey's.It strikes me that I shouldn't have to pay the price for a retailer and supplier not being clear on policy, and anyway, my instruction was clear and so were Bennett's assurances. The instruction was clearly written on the paperwork and the follow-up phone-call reiterated the fact. So if it isn't Sealey's policy to quote for a job, they should just have told Bennett's so and sent the welder back.Still, we will wait and see what the chap from Sealey's discovers and hopefully good will can be restored; the gentleman in question certainly said he hopes so.

2. Sealey's blame Bennett's
Seems that Sealey's followed their policies and that Bennett's should have known them.But that still doesn't explain why Sealey's fixed the welder rather than ringing Bennett's when they saw the request for a quote....or why they didn't put him right on it when he phoned to chase it up, when the job had apparently been overlooked. They are saying it wasn't overlooked - it was turned around in 9 days, but Bennett's had assured me that I'd hear about the quote that week...and had been told then that they'd missed it.I won't feel satisfied until someone acknowledges my right to feel peeed off and apologises...instead of passing the blame to someone else. I don't want customer service telling me how much they value feedback unless they take my dissatisfaction seriously.....and put themselves in my shoes and make things right.

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

an arsehole to avoid

so, if you see a Citroen Xsara Picasso, in metallic silvery-blue, license number FP02 CWO, currently in the Pwllheli area, watch out for the arsehole driving it. He couldn't give a toss about your car and if he damages it he will try to convince you that you are seeing things.

claim culture means people can't act decently any more


Couple of days ago a kid got out of his dad's car on his own and walloped the door into the side of my car, making an impressive dent which pushed the swage line in so that the panel couldn't be popped straight out again.I approached the parents incredibly politely....accepting that nothing deliberate had been done, regretting the upset this would cause them but pointing out that my car had sustained damage.

I asked the dad to open the back car door, which he did, and I showed him how the car door fitted the dent perfectly.and he said, "So what are you saying?"And he kept saying it, in an increasingly threatening tone. I repeated that I thought the damage had been done unintentionally, ....but I didn't recommend a solution....I wanted to let him just very least apologise.

Of course, he didn't.

So, I asked what he would have felt was an appropriate response if I had accidentally dented his car. And he immediately said that wasn't relevant becaue he has a nice car and I have a crappy one. He went on to point out its age and the rust on the wheel arches.So of course I said, does my car being old mean that it is ok with you if your child whacks it? And he just walked away and told me I was being unreasonable. He said, I'm not talking to you until you can come up with something different because you are talking sh1t.

I called the police and they said that unfortunately, as the car was in a private carpark, the road traffic act did not apply, and as the child was under ten, they could not be done for criminal damage.They were staying in a cottage next to ours in a holiday let. Needless to say, I seethed for a couple of days.Yet again (having had a hit-and-run prang only a month ago) I am absolutely pissed off with people's lack of decency and respect.

I remember walking past someone's car about ten years ago and accidentally swiping his wing with a rucksack. I left a note on his windscreen with my phone number and when he phoned he thanked me for owning up and said there'd be nothing to pay. Likewise, my friend (and host this weekend) accidentally swiped another car and apologised and the owner was so charmed by her attitude that he said it wouldn't be a problem.I know insurance companies say never admit fault, but these were all circumstances where the car was off the road and where insurance didn't come into it.But it is that very insurance and claim culture which means that people seem incapable of being honest and decent; and instead go on the offensive.

My next door neighbour says he would just have dented the other guy back, but the irony is that if I had, I could have been done for criminal damage, where the other guy could not.

Yet again, the bastards in the world come out on top.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Business use

I can't sing Adrian Flux's and Chaucer's praises enough now. The people at adrian Flux have really pulled out all the stops. I had a problem about being a supply teacher and wanting to drive to school in my Ford Prefect (partly because there is a teacher at one school who loves classics and I want to show her mine), but I'd originally been told that Chaucer (the insurer) regard supply as business use.

Another insurer, Norwich Union, however, told me that supply would not count as business use with them. So I asked if Chaucer (my insurer, arranged by Adrian Flux) would see things the same way if they understood that unlike other supply teachers I don't go to more than one school in a day.

Instead of saying that I don't need business use with them either, Chaucer have decided to let me have Class 1 business use (though I am not quite sure what that includes yet), which will let me go to schools. And they have offered to increase my limited mileage to 5,000/annum from the original 1,500....all at no extra charge.


Thanks guys; Talk about VIP treatment!

And J, get well soon.

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Spring Cleaning 886 UXR

Having now insured 886 UXR, I decided it is time she was out and about, so I spent the afternoon cleaning and polishing her. Read all about it and about the list of jobs that I plan to do to get her ready for the runs, showing and generally enjoying.

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

VIP @ Adrian Flux

I don't think I have ever been a VIP before, but apparently that is the title which has now been put on my file. I am not sure what it means in real terms, but I won't look a gift-horse in the mouth. I am also to be refunded the £20 Adrian Flux arrangement fee, as I have spent so much time on the file myself.